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It's a pity that to please possible new clients. old ones are alienated. This argurment of "get used to the new workflow, like it or lump it" I find rather odd. If software has been "rewritten" then these features can, and should have been implemented as options. I find it hard to swallow some of the excuses that have been forwaded regarding this matter.
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To say that all edits take longer is just not true. There are a few things that do, but they are minimum. People need to think outside of their own workflows and consider that there are other types of workflows that deserve equal consideration.

Sure everyone says, just make it a choice. If it was easy, every single option would be a choice. We all would be happy. But that is totally unrealistic for any NLE.

Too many times we are getting wrapped up on little things and lose track of the big picture. The track patches are actually easier to use in most situations. There are some problems in certain situations (mostly VA track situation).

Please understand that there is always work going on to make things better. Sometimes what is initially put out is the best that can be done in the time constraints for an upgrade.

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This is turning to something outside the scope of this forum. Explanations have been made.
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