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Default ADVC110 Problems

Following advice re video monitoring, I have bought myself a Canopus ADVC110 with which I have a number of issues.

Here's my setup:

Firewire 6pin at the back going to my Firewire drive which goes to my computer (all faults below are the same when I go direct from the converter to the Mac).

Rear S-Video to plasma screen monitor.

Rear analogue RCA outs to amp.

1. No throughput on the DV. ie if I plug a camera to the front 4pin Firewire, I can see the pics in FCP, I can control the camera, but I can't get FCP to save the captured file. To do this, I have to unplug the converter and plug the same camera directly to the Mac. I'd rather keep my setup, set up and all connected to my monitor.

2. The S-video output has a latency of a few frames. NB this is not an FCP issue as everything is in sync on the computer screen and both video and audio are leaving Apple's world via the same Firewire output. It's how the video and audio are leaving the analogue outputs of the converter that is the issue. Somewhere in there, the pics are getting delayed.

It's not a monitor problem either, as I've tested this using the VGA output. ie When my plasma screen mirrors my desktop, it does so instantly.

3. The analogue outputs are really noisy. They have a real sizzle. Again, I have tested all the cables and routes (replacing the ADVC110 with an iPod), and found there is no interference in the system until I re-introduce the ADVC110. I have also tried adjusting the DIP switches after powering down.

Has anyone else encountered these problems? I'm awaiting word from Canopus tech support too, but it's been over a week now. I may send my unit back and just buy a DV deck.


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