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Ron Evans
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Like Jerry I have a BlackX but also have set up all my PC boot sequence to always start with the CD ROM drives before going to the hard drive that has the OS on it. That way if there is a problem I just put in the recovery CD I have made and it will boot up and I can then recover. I have Acronis that backs up to my NAS for all PC's on the network. I also have a clone for this email WEB PC since that is the one I would want to get up quickly. Have clones for the others but on old hard drives so just for transfer to another SSD if that goes.
Ron Evans

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Originally Posted by Haddock View Post
Thanks for follow-up... but there is a step that escapes me.

When the portable computer don't start because it shows a blue screen with a smile ...
whats the way to connect the external drive that contain's the bootable media ?
Have we to go in the BIOS at startup and choose the bootable media "hoping" that a USB connection will be visible ?
If the system is running and getting through the POST process but not booting windows, it should be able to boot from the bootable imaging CD/USB. If the system is set to look for a bootable USB or CD in the bios Firs, it should boot from that drive. Some systems also have a button you can press to bring up a boot over ride menus that can let you select the boot device without having to go into the bios.
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Originally Posted by BernH View Post
Some systems also have a button you can press to bring up a boot over ride menus that can let you select the boot device without having to go into the bios.
Indeed, that's what I use to switch between my fast nvme m.2 with Edius 9.51 and my slightly older sata ssd with Edius 9.3 in a caddy (for analogue capturing)

These 2 bootable SSDs are always in my laptop, if in a disaster case I have another sata ssd that I have in a caddy (slot of the removable DVD burner) and can swap that in mere seconds to boot from, or hot swap it while my system is running.
I do have an image file of the complete boot drive but atmittadly is not upto date enough as I would like.

I you have a blue boot screen and smiley you might still be able to do some repairs to windows, but my limited experience with fixing win 10 is that win 7 is easier to get going again...
I never managed to damage it on my own systems (knock on wood)

If you are actively building and maintaining your own systems you should have some previously used hard drives and or SSDs lying around, so making an extra bootable system drive should not be an issue.

If you are using a computer to earn money you should never rely on only 1 system, not to mention several spare boot and data drives are no luxury either.

To me now as a hobby I still couldn't sleep at night without any back-up :)

To repair win 10 I always have a bootable USB handy with the latest build on it, just incase.
Tony D.

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Originally Posted by Jerry View Post
If portable means laptop, then there should be a built in restore process. This however, will return the system to how it was the day it was purchased.

I use a Black X USB3/esata device for cloning with the Acronis DOS based cd.. I place the master drive in the Black X and run the CDRom to clone to the OS drive.
Thanks, but in the case I met, the restore was also "not working"....
Yvon durieux alias "Haddock" Belgium GMT + 1

Sorry for my poor english, I am french native speaking

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