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Default Convert SD sequence to HDV and re-link files

Been hitting the search for a couple of hours but no luck. I have an SD project that I edited last year. The footage was shot in HDV and was captured downconverted from an FX1. I would like to re-do it as an HDV project. So I opened the project....changed it to an HDV project and figured I could re-capture the clips in HDV. Because my machine is a bit slow for direct HDV to HQ capture I am using the mpeg capture. My problem is that there are a couple of timecode breaks on the tapes that are causing the mpeg's to be captured in multiple files. I DO NOT have split files checked in settings and the captures worked fine when I originally did them downconverted. As a consequence I can't re-link the project files.
Anyone know of any way around this file splitting that is happening?? Using 4.03

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