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Default Unable to load Canopus HQ file from Edius

Hi all

Now this is probably going to sound like I am really stupid, but here goes. I have rendered and exported the timeline from Edius 6.03. (20 Minutes approx) The project setting is 720x576 50i SD using Canopus HQ online standard. I require a couple of different formats of this file and as I recently purchased Procoder 3 (Oh! and checked for updates) the version no is, I thought Procoder might be a good way to transcode this HQ file. When I try to load my exported Canopus HQ file I get an error message "Unable to parse Stream" 'seems stream is invalid'
Firstly what does this mean and am I asking something of Procoder it cannot do.
Secondly I would like to set up a watch folder in Procoder and am a little hestitant until I can sort this.
Can anyone enlighten me, if so feel free I would appreciate it very much.
I have read the Procoder manual from cover to cover and can't find any information on error codes and what they mean.
Ronnie O

Solved: It appears after much searching the net for info on AVI codecs and Windows 7 in particular, there are several 3rd party codec packs that do not play well with Windows 7. Two of these were resident on my machine.
1. Divx Codec Pack
2. AVS Codec pack.
I discovered if these are installed and you then install Procoder 3.06.00, the AVI reader is not available when say trying to load and convert a Canopus HQ file exported from Edius 6.03. All other file formats appear unaffected.
Solution : Uninstall the above mentioned codec packs Uninstall Procoder & clean registry entries for Procoder & Divx & AVS then reinstall Procoder from the installation disc and update Procoder with the GV site update version 3.06.00.

I also noticed Procoder loads faster and all preview functions during transcoding are working normally.

Hope this is of some use to others.
System 2: Gigabyte GA-890FX UD7MB, CPU: Phenom II 6 Core Proc. @ 3.1 Ghz, RAM:16GB Vengeance RAM 4x4GB, Graphics Nvidia GTX560ti, 1x240GB OCZ SSD system, 4x1TB WD Black Ent. Drives Raid 0. LAN NAS 6TB backup.
O/S Windows 7 64bit Pro SP 1, Edius 6.5.2 Boris Red 5.22, VMW 5, Imaginate 2.0 5, Vistitle, LGx2 Blu-ray. 2xw2228h Monitors. HDSpark, BM UltraStudio SDI Capture & Playback,Sony 17" BVM SDI, Sony 32" LCD, Edius KB, Intuos 4 Tablet

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