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Default What is the best way or settings to get DVCPRO HD 720p P2 Footage to SD?

I'm looking to test shooting DVCPRO HD 720p 60p P2 footage. I found an HD preset (Edius Broadcast 4.24 with SP breakout), and the footage looks very good while playing back, editing, etc. I can't find a preset that allows the same footage to look good playing it in SD.

What steps/considerations should I take if I'd like to get that footage into SD - say through ProCoder2 for DVD, or for live SD playback into an SD VHS VCR out of the breakout box?

Everytime I try sticking it into and SD timeline, I'm getting tearing on the edges - assuming because it's a progressive source on an interlaced timeline.

I've recently had a lot of trouble with DVCPROHD 108060i footage tearing as well - this is all from the new HPX2000 P2 camera. HD images are to die for - but I can't seem to get it to look acceptable in SD no matter what I do.

Any advice is enormously appreciated.

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Is it worth trying another app, other than Edius altogether, to see if the tearing persists? eg FCP
Edius 3 v3.62 beta / DVRexRT cards
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