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Default Usb to Firewire Cables ??

Hi everyone!!

I newbie... please help me!

My laptop doesn't have a firewire connector, but I need to connect either a ADVC 100 or 110 because I want to use the device as an video output.

Since I don't have a connector, I looked around and came across these cables:

As you can see on one end they have a Male USB connector and on the other a 4 pin Firewire connector...

Has anyone tried these cables before??? Any ideas if it will work??


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USB and Firewire are completely different protocols and buses with different voltages and data rates. There is no way to connect a Firewire device to a USB port by merely making a physical connection.

If your laptop has a PCCard or ExpressCard slot, you could get an add-in card that will add Firewire support.
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As THoff says, they're completely different protocols.

That cable will not "convert" between USB and Firewire.

Likely it's a cable designed to be used for physical connection, for example, using a USB extension cable for a Firewire connection. The other end will need to end up being Firewire somehow, some way.

This is like a 1/4 plug to RCA plug cable. Just because it changes the connection doesn't mean you can connect say, an audio output to the composite video input of a VCR.
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Old 01-15-2009, 02:42 PM   #4
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Perfectly right. However...

There is this company some place in the States (Kansas?), they claim they made a little box that somehow reconciles the two protocols. Windows XP only, no Vista, no Mac


Right now the site says it's no longer available - might have been an April's fool thing?
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That makes some sense, as the big "lump" in the cable would contain the logic. That product looks like it only did DV/DVCAM transfers though. So it's limited in use.

The limitation might not be that the technology couldn't translate the Firewire packets, but perhaps just on the driver end, as the USB device would need to be explicitly supported by the software. In other words, you'd have to use their software, unless it exposes a general DirectShow device, but either way you would capture differently than from a native Firewire capture. If they had done a virtual 1394 device, like how the USB-over-network devices (Silex SX2000U2, Keyspan US-4A, etc) work, then it might've worked for general Firewire devices though.

Looks like it's a real product, just sold out, and limited-scope as it only supports Windows and almost every Windows PC with USB 2.0 already has a method to add a Firewire interface as an add-on card.

If it had worked on Mac OS, it would've been a winner for the new Firewire-less Macbooks.
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