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Derek Hart
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Default Audio Out Of Sync

I have read some other threads and I am just stumped at how to get a file downloaded from Zoom working properly in Edius. I downloaded an mp4 file, and when I play it on my computer, it works fine, in sync. I then download an m4a audio file that Zoom makes separately, and it's out of sync in the same way.

The file starts off okay, but half way through it starts getting a few frames out of sync with audio, and gets worse.

But then I converted the file in Audacity, and it starts off bad, and comes into sync by the end.

Totally unpredictable.

I brought the audio files into Audacity, and tried exporting in many different ways, the audio from the mp4 itself, and the separate m4a file, converted to wav. I exported in Audacity choosing the type of "Other uncompressed files" and Wav, signed 24-bit pcm. I believe I need to find a way to export to uncompressed 48000, but not sure how.

I get varying results inside Edius. But the file plays fine on its own. What can I look at here?

These are the properties from one of the files:


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I have no solution for you except to say my Zoom H1 does the same and is set to .wav 16bit 48Khz. My Roland R09HR is set to the same settings and stays in sync on the timeline, even after 2hrs recording.

I just keep an eye on the Zoom and shift the audio a few frames on timeline around the 25 min mark. Would be nice if it stayed in sync though. i think Zooms are what they are. Cheap(er) and sometimes nasty.

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My experience with zoom recorders that I used before and now my tascam recorders is that they don't hold sync. In the past I used to correct the drift in adobe audition because once you determine how much the drift is then it was just a matter of adding the same value and let audition correct.

Because all my zoom recorders stopped working (I had 2 h4's and one h1) I switched to tascam but never got to calculating how much they actually deviate so now I just do like IVPR and shift the audio on the timeline to make it match again.

From what I have seen and heared from users that work with premiere, resolve or vegas this has become a somewhat automated process to sync and fix audio drift, something edius still is not able to do, you could use plural eyes but I believe it is not integrated into edius so you need to make a roundtrip.

Grassvalley has promised that audio syncing will be a part of edius in version 9 but I don't know if they also will be looking into fixing audio drift at the same time, I hope they do because otherwise it's a useless feature.
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Old 11-08-2018, 02:34 PM   #4
Derek Hart
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Location: Bainbridge Island
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My bad on Zoom. I meant the file comes from, the meeting service. Not sure that matters though. It's a file that's fine to start with, and Edius screws it up. I guess I have to go through and make adjustments throughout.

How do I do that, other than breaking up into clips all throughout. I then have to add video transitions I guess.

Are there any other methods to accomplishing this without actually making the video have transitions?
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Ron Evans
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The reason is likely clock drift. Vegas will be able to stretch or squeeze the file to fit . I too have given up on my Zoom recorders as I always had to get them in sync with my guide track from the camcorder. But using the audio track from the camcorder, Vegas will allow you to match waveforms by stretching or squeezing the file to match. The first zoom I had was not consistent and I had to even do the sync in sections !!!
Ron Evans

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I have given up on the Zoom recorders. As the others have found out, the clock does drift - you pay peanuts, you get .......

I use my Sound Devices 702T and 744T - even after 5 hours of recording, the audio is still at par with my Panasonic UX180 ....
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