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Default ADVC110 Switching modes (analog to digital)

I have recently purchased the ADVC110 product and am using it to digitize a number of old Hi8 tapes from a Sony (analog) Camcorder. I am feeding the digital output from the ADVC110 through Firewire 6 pin into my Apple mac mini (and iMovie). I have also set the DIP switch to power-on input mode as analog.

The problem I am encountering is after 19 minutes and 54 seconds of transfer from the camcorder to the Mac/iMovie, the ADVC110 switches modes from analog in to digital in (as indicated by the status light on the unit plus of course no signal appearing at the Mac). This has now happened multiple times with the same lapse time of 19:54 (I can almost set my watch by it ...). As I am going to be bulk transferring a lot of old tapes over to my Mac Mini (I have a 500 Gb drive to accomodate) it gets a bit inconvenienet to have to rectify this evey 20 minutes (I stop the camcorder, back up a bit, toggel the ADVC110 switch to analog and continue the import ..)

Any thoughts, help, guidance to figure this out would be greatly appreciated


PS. One other thing. The ADVC110 is sharing the firwire port of the Mac Mini through a Belkin hub which also connects the firwire external drive. I understand there potentially can be issues with this bit hard to see how it could cause the above.
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Can your external drive connect to a PC as well as the Mac? If so, it is probably formatted in FAT32 format which has a 4GB limit on file size. This corresponds to roughly 20 minutes of DV capture.


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Thanks for the message. I did check and you are right -- drive is formatted FAT32 and now I check clip sizes they are 4 GB !. Now I need to figure out my plan of action (maybe re-partitiion the drive into FAT32 and OSX native ..)

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