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Originally Posted by Vladiciu View Post
I changed the way to use edius 8.5 on my pc, then I have a 256 gb ssd where I only put windows 10 and applications including edius 8.5, then another 2 tb sata HD where I keep documents, video files, music and more, then a 1 TB SSD where I put all the native files in 4K that + projects I use with edius to do the editing, am I ok in this way?
thank you
yes you're right, all internal HD NO external HD so I did well?
the sata 2 tb mechanical as a document / video / music archive etc. and instead the sata SSD 1TB only for the video files that I use in edisu 8 and also to put the edius Projects folder, so am I right?
thank you
I7 4790K-32 gb RAM-RX580 8gb-SSD 256gb-Windows 10 pro-Edius8.5-HD Sata 2 TB-SSD 1 TB file video for edius 8 e projects-
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