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I don't what size your small room is, but it can't be too much smaller than mine at about 3m x 4m, and I have no issues with sound.

I suspect your problem might not be too much low frequency, but instead be an issue with standing waves either re-enforcing the lows or phase canceling the highs. If you play something and notice significant difference in your sound as you move around the room, it is indicative of standing wave issues.

Having irregular surfaces in the room to disperse the sound reflections can help a lot, as can some soft surfaces to absorb some of the sound waves.

Angling the speakers in toward your seating position can help keep the standing waves from forming with higher frequencies, as they are more directional, and since the speakers are angled, those frequencies are not running as perpendicular to a wall to create a direct reflection back toward the speaker. This also directs these more directional high frequencies toward your ears, instead of at the wall behind you.

In more critical listening environments or ones that can't accommodate soft surfaces created by furniture, it can be beneficial to put some acoustic foam or paneling on the walls.

All of these points contribute to letting you listen better to the speakers and sound they produce, instead of the effects that the room/environment is having on the sound.

This is all just generic information. Anything more specific to your room would really require a visit by someone who understands acoustics.

EDIT: Here is a link to a general guide on speaker placement in a room. It might help you if you can implement a few of the points.
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