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Default ADVC 55

Originally Posted by emmrecs View Post
I suspect you will be unlucky!
How much r we looking at mate.
second hand.
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Originally Posted by dell View Post
How much r we looking at mate.
second hand.
The price new is now about 180+. (When I bought mine, several years ago, they were about 130).

Second hand, who knows? I've never seen one offered.

(I also looked at ebay; the supplier on there is the same company whose web page I gave you the link for, but the price on ebay is higher! They also sell on Amazon; price there is the same as buying direct).
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Originally Posted by dell View Post
If firewire was never intended to transfer SD720 MPEG2 then why have companies made a capture card that has a firewire input? If I'm going to buy a capture card I'm going to capture video its a must that I will want to convert it to dvd to keep it save from analogue damage / wear and tear ect vhs rot ect ect.
Firewire = DV or HDV period. There were cards, (as in internal I/O cards, not external converters, which is what you keep referring to) made by companies like Matrox and Pinnacle in the past that could do both, but they used a proprietary hardware codec chip on the card. Generic firewire does not do this.

Originally Posted by dell View Post
A capture card has many uses video capture / camcorder capture or game play capture they should bear this in mind, I was thinking maybe the other advc models were better quality or different because of size and price. (advance components might be different) ie upgraded to persuade users to buy the newer models otherwise why would u buy advc 110 when or 300 if advc 55 does the trick in the same quality with no added extras?
Other ADVC units can do better codecs, but they don't connect to the computer via firewire because firewire is DV or HDV.

If you want to capture and work in MPEG2, you need a card that works in MPEG2, not one that works in DV.

Originally Posted by dell View Post
Well I've bought USB capture cards they are rubbish the cheapest I've bought is please don't laugh EasyCap USB 2.0 with free ulead software, software was good had basic colour grading, the picture qulity was rubbish worse than a dvd recorder rip at LP mode lol .

What other options do I have for SD capture 720p (not in I interlace) MPEG2 codec?
720p (as in 1280x720) is HD not SD. SD is 720x480 in NTSC or 720x576 in PAL.

The consumer external converters like you mentioned are designed for consumers who want to dump VHS to DVD, but are not concerned if the quality is great. If you want the best quality, working directly in MPEG2 IBP is not what you want to do. The best solution for quality is to capture into a lightly compressed I-frame codec, clean up and convert to MPEG2 or whatever other format you need. The best solution for speed is to work directly in MPEG2 IBP. You can't have both.

Originally Posted by dell View Post
True I use to get jitters when playing colour corrected mpeg2 footage but I always thought this was due to the frame rate being wrong, hey what do I know lol. When colour correcting footage I have rcorded via the advc 55 no jitters but as I'm using encode @ variable bite rate so the average I'm getting is 6 I would love to get the full 10 or at least 8. I think my encoder is rubbish tbh but as I'm only doing private movies I don't want to spend too much on all this as technology keeps changing every 5 yrs, HD 1080p was the wow thing 5 yrs ago now what HD? Its all going 4K all new TV's 4K soon tv channels will start broadcasting in 4K, all that money wasted in upgrading equipment to HD has proven a waste of money.
DVD spec allows bitrates up to 9Mbps maximum, but for reliability purposes, if you are burning disc, it is recommended to never exceed 7 Mbps maximum. Burned discs are not as reliable as professionally replicated discs.

Originally Posted by dell View Post
I do care if it effects play back, what I did once was re-render the file that was jittering re-rendering it sorted it out but it lost a bit of quality but I was happy at least it was not jittering and it was watchable.
Colour adjustments can never be accurate its all guess work what ever look right to the eyes must be right, in some old films u have a back light issue of it coming and going that makes the scenes light/dark light dark this my software does not sort out even after colour grading.
When I talk of colour correction accuracy, I mean that if you make a change, it will get encoded exactly as you set it. I am not referring to a correction being right or wrong.

Originally Posted by dell View Post
From what I have been told pro studios use special equipment that is not available to us the normal person I imagine due to fears of piracy ect. I will still use mpeg2 for my stuff as its what most dvds can play and I have never had an issue with the format some formats only play on new players like dvx or dvlx what ever its called lol
All equipment is available, as long as you are willing to pay the price for it. A professional capture card can be hundreds to thousands of dollars, and that doesn't include external items like TBC's, software, or the $10000 or more for the coomputer to run it on. All of this money is what ensures quality. You will never get the same quality and speed from a $50 consumer converter.
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