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Default A "Hiro" Retires

By now most of you have probably heard that Hiroshi Yamada, the “father” (founder) of Canopus and senior vice president of Desktop & Enterprise Solutions, Canopus Products, has decided to start – as he puts it – his happy retirement.

Since founding Canopus in 1983 with its first product (an add-in Z80 CPU card to run in NEC's PC 98-series computers—which were installed in approximately one percent of all PC 98-series computers sold in Japan), the company, under Hiro’s leadership, has become known as a highly inventive and creative wellspring for innovative video technology. Canopus and Hiro can be credited with an impressive list of industry “firsts,” achieving unrivaled leadership in the development of video codecs, especially software codecs such as HQ+.

Video professionals such as yourselves recognize the pre-eminence of the advanced HD, DV, and MPEG codec technologies developed by the Canopus engineering team and featured in the company's real-time NLEs, transcoding products, delivery systems, and within certain versions of the Microsoft Vista operating system.

Hiro’s enthusiasm for, and expertise in, audio and video technologies and compression is second to none, and will be greatly missed by those of us at Grass Valley -- and I’m sure, all of you. Hiro – and all of us – take great pride in the success of Canopus – success that was driven by one of the most talented and committed teams in the industry.

Thanks to these incredible technologies and products – and Hiro’s strong and visionary leadership – this business is entering a new phase of growth. Hiro has told me that he feels it is time for a new generation of leaders to drive the business forward. Yasuo Suyama will take over responsibility for operations in Japan, and I’m going to oversee the product development team in the DES group and sales in Japan.

I’m sure most of you want probably would like to know what Hiro will do next. After joining Thomson, Hiro used to joke that he thought after selling his company he would stop working so hard – and instead, was working even harder! That’s Hiro – and while I can say that retirement is a more relaxing time in most people’s lives, I somehow doubt that he will just be sitting back watching TV... at least without thinking how it could be technically better. And there will certainly be some time spent flying model planes.

All of us at Grass Valley wish him all the best as he begins a new chapter of his life.

Jeff Rosica

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