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Default Hard Drive enquiry!

Hi lovely people, i'm looking at bumping up my storage capacity for my rig from a mere 1TB to something more substantial - i've not had to do it for a while so i'm checking with you guys first to see if what i've specc'd up is overkill or not.

My rig's obviously running Edius, WinXP and it's got a couple of old Xeons in her with as much ram as XP (32bit) would allow. We're starting to branch in HD editing and so figure the demand on our rig (as well as storage) is gonna go up.

I'm looking at putting 4 of the Western Digital WD2001FASS 2TB SATAII 7200rpm 64MB cache into my potential new storage-fest and just wondered if i'd really benefit from all that lovely cache? It's also about 140 per drive, which is about 40% more than most other 2TB drives in terms of cost - most of which seem to be 5400rpm drives with smaller caches.

It's likely the drive will be accessed by multiple users simultaneously too, obviously impacting performance. Are there better drives on the market for the price, or perhaps can I get something just as good for cheaper?

I appreciate hard drive recommendation depends from person to person, but it'd be nice to see what you guys recommend generally spec-wise at least.

Thanks a bunch!
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I just bought one of these and use it for extra storage.

Asrock Z68 Extreme7 --i7-2700K --EDIUS 8.5WG--HDStorm+ --16GB Kingston HyperX--GTX 560Ti--AX850 PSU--MxM PCI-e Reader--Win 10 Pro 64bit
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