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Default Procoder and progressive material

Frequently Asked Questions About Vacuum Cleaners

Before buying an item, it is essential to know the information in advance. This article will answer some common questions when buying a vacuum cleaner that anyone should know.

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Is it necessary to determine the need before buying a vacuum cleaner?

To save energy, costs, and be able to use it effectively, carefully determining the area to be vacuumed, types and size of dust, and high or low frequency of dust collection is absolutely necessary. Only when we fully understand the needs, we can choose to buy a vacuum cleaner with a suitable capacity, size, and intensity.

How do you distinguish the power capacity and vacuum capacity of the vacuum cleaner?

If the machine has a high power capacity and low vacuum capacity, the device will consume a lot of power but will not bring high efficiency to the working process. People need to avoid confusion between these two parameters. Remember that the power of the machine is power consumption, while the new vacuum capacity is the ability to vacuum the machine.

Should we care about the motor capacity and the volume of the vacuum cleaner?

The answer is yes because the higher the motor capacity, the stronger the vacuum force. Therefore, if the garbage, dust, and dirt are more challenging to clean, the more you need, the more powerful the engine and the large capacity of vacuuming.

Besides, to save costs, we also have to choose the volume of the container based on the needs.


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What type of filter should I choose?

Based on the factory requirements and standards, select the most suitable filter. A small-air-tight filter like the Hepa filter will suit small, tiny dust.

In contrast, industrial zones need professional equipment to attract large-sized dust, with high dust collection frequency. The type of regular cloth filter bag and the relatively large surface area of the hole will be more suitable in this case.

Particularly for three-phase electric machines, it is recommended to select a device with a vibrating bar. This is because it can reduce dust to the sieve without removing the machine to clean so the filter is not blocked during the vacuuming process.

Which level of noise is okay?

The lower the noise, the better. The noise level of the machine from 40dB-80dB is moderate. If the noise level exceeds 100dB, it will affect the crowded area and green activities around.

Should I choose to buy a vacuum cleaner with multiple functions?

Multi-function devices will be handy and save time and energy. Today, industrial vacuum cleaners have both functions: vacuuming and vacuuming. Thus, the cleaning process is quick and simplified; there is no need to spend more time cleaning again by manually cleaning as before. Just put the detergent in the container in the machine and the device will perform the cleaning task.

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In summary, shoppers need to equip the necessary knowledge before buying something. It is not only important to be aware of these issues, but customers should also choose top-rated vacuums from the best vacuum brands to avoid unsatisfactory purchases.

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Originally Posted by JossCarter View Post
Is progressive the same thing as "de-interlaced"? So there are interlaced sources & progressive sources?

Someone has asked me if my source was progressive, when I put the source into Procoder I go by what it gives me as the source, if it says "interlaced" I encode the target, or keep it as "interlaced". If I put in a progressive source would Procoder tell me it was? And then what should I set my target as?
De-interlaced material becomes progressive, but it is not the same as a progressive source. De-interlacing, depending on the type, can seriously reduce resolution, especially if it is just throwing away or duplicating one of the interlaced fields in order to make the progressive output. A true progressive source will not throw away any of the detail.

I haven't used procoder in many years, but if I recall correctly, it does tell you if the source is progressive of interlaced.
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