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Default Adding a controller to a Summit - short cut

Instead of going through the steps to build the host table (the proper and stable way to do it) you might want to simply or quickly add a controller so that you can get on with running the system.

The physical connection between the Dyno and Summit should be GB1 on the Dyno and on the back of the Summit there are 4 GB connection ports stacked 2 over 2, connection should be lower left.

On the Summit side, in the lower right corner, find the terminal connection icons (looks like little computer terminals) click on the one that says "Control Connection #1." This opens a window of that status and your next selection is to click on "Properties."

Click once on "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" and then "Properties" below it. This opens the TCP window and allows you to obtain or use an IP address.

The address in the window is what you want to type into the Dyno window under Add Server.

Another method is to utilize the computer name. (see thread: Add Server to Dyno - Computer Name)
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