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Default ADVC-300 with Modern Laptop

Very few modern laptops have either a firewire port or an expresscard slot. I have an ADVC-300 and would like to continue to use it.

Please could someone comment on whether the following workaround will work with an ADVC-300. (Please note - the following links provided as examples only)

First - connect an express card adapter to a USB 2.0 port - here is an example of one -

Second - connect a firewire express card to the adapter - here is an example here -

I am capturing with Edius Neo.

Thank you

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I would suspect that it would have problems. Although USB 2 and 1394a both run at 400Mb/s USB 2 has a tendency to move the data in packets rather than as a continuous stream so you'll probably find it gives you dropped frames.
There are still firewire laptops out there. The ones I get still have them and they have a Texas Instruments chip which is the most compatible one you can get. The other option would be to get a laptop with Thunderbolt and get a 1394 to TB cable. The cable only works one way so you can't put anything back out to firewire, but on my TB laptop I use it works great although I've only tested it with cameras I don't see any reason it wouldn't work with ADVC's
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I highly doubt this will work, because the USB to ExpressCard adapter's page says
Simple adapter from USB 2.0 to ExpressCard (34mm) interface. Adapter can be used with Express cards, which do not need connection to PCI bus interface.
(emphasis added)
Also, the FAQ section on that page:
Question: Why doesn't work all Express Cards in that device?
Answer: It supports Express Cards with "USB based" standard only. If not, there is no possiblity to run that Express Card through this device. Find out standard of Express Card you want before you buy it.
All of the listed devices can operate via USB - modems, GPS are either native USB or emulated serial ports on USB, and storage/optical drives can be bridged to USB. There's no bridge from Firewire to USB* otherwise we wouldn't have this problem to begin with. :)

The Firewire ExpressCard most certainly connects to the PCI bus, so it's veryunlikely to work.

* There was a USB to DV adapter made, but it was quite unreliable and didn't last long in the market.
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