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Default AVCD HD50 + Skype on Mac OSX

I've found that the HD50 will act as an input to Facetime just fine, but I'm getting a blank feed in Skype. Any hints at getting my HD50 to work with Skype would be greatly appreciated.
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Old 03-25-2014, 07:20 PM   #2
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Default Same Problem with ADVC-55

I have the same problem with the Canopus ADVC-55 with Skype and saw a post here dating back to 2007 that mentioned this: "Skype needs a "raw" video feed through DirectShow like you'd get from a webcam, not a pre-compressed video stream like PTZ cams and ADVCs give you."

The responder then went on to say: "If the PTZ cam has composite/s-video output, then you could hook that up to a USB capture box or TV capture board. Skype should see those, unless they have on-board hardware codecs. Dumber is better in the case of Skype and things that want a DirectShow interface."

So I take it this means Skype wants a USB signal rather than a Firewire signal? Does that mean a Dazzle devices will work? Or is there software for the Mac that can be bought?

The thread went on: "Try TalkAide for Skype to discover opportunities of this program! " but this doesn't look like what we are looking for.

Is there anyone at Grass Valley that can help?
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USB and Firewire are the medium of transport.
It's the type of data that's being transported that's key.

SD ADVCs transmit compressed Consumer DV data.
HD ADVCs transmit compressed HDV data.

Both are compressed and neither conform to what webcams use (lower-end ones tend to be raw RGB, some high-end HD ones have on-board H.263 or H.264 encoding).

If you do manage to find some software that will emulate another DirectShow device and decompress the DV or HDV data from an ADVC, there will still be a delay introduced - part from the hardware compression to DV/HDV and part from the software decompression from DV/HDV.

That's on top of the Skype network delay, so to be honest, it'd much better to just get a webcam for use as a webcam, rather than trying to use an ADVC for something it's not. ;)
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