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Default New ADVC-55/Mavericks capture interrupted every 3 secs...

This week I got a new ADVC55 to covert a bunch of old Hi8 tapes from an old Minolta camcorder. I'm capturing on a MacBook air with a FW400/800 cable connected to a Apple MD464ZM/A Thunderbolt to Firewire adapter ( I'm using iMovie 10 (latest version).

The first tape I converted (from ~ 1995) worked very well. It was a bit grainy in spots, but came over just fine, about 35 minutes total video.

The second tape was from 2001. The first 10 minutes converted flawlessly. Then, after a section of static where we must have paused and run the tape without recording, the conversion started again. This time, however, about every 3 secs, there is a brief pause and a noticeable break in the video - really annoying. This has been going on across multiple clips now for about an hour.

I'm considering several potential issues:
1) Getting the optional power cord for the ADVC55 (not using at present)
2) Trying the conversion on a different mac without the Thunderbolt to Firewire adapter - just using the FW400/800 cable.
3) Getting a TBC like the AVT-8710

I would GREATLY appreciate any advice from someone who has dealt with this before.

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Default Solution #2 (eliminate the Thunderbolt/firewire adapter) works

This afternoon, I went ahead and did #2 above - I connected the ADVC55 to an older 2009 MacBookPro with a FW400/800 cable, and the conversion went flawlessly, as far as I can see. There were no visible interruptions/dropouts as the conversion was happening. I still need to review the footage, but so far so good…
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Do the tapes play OK when viewed directly on a TV, or do you see any glitches or instability in the playback?
Any dropouts or minor instability in the picture (or audio) can cause a capture problem. This includes problem so small that at TV coasts through them. A TBC may help capture through this giving an image with imperfect content. did not receive any commetns but sounds like a similar problem. Have you trid searches on imovie and thunderbolt for possible theads with additional information?

Have you tried to capture the same tapes with a different system; e.g., a windows PC?

A TBC is often helpful when trying to capture old analog tapes, but that depends in part on the quality of the tape and the player you are using. Some players do include a build-in TBC of sorts.

An external power supply can help in situations where the capture port has poor firewire power stability or quality. That is very hardware specific.

Both could impriove capture performance, but cannot say whether or not they it would solve your problem.

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What kind of storage does the Macbook Air have, and how much is free?
Being that the capture went okay on another computer, I'm led to believe it's a storage throughput hiccup.
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