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Default Marker Import doesn't work


I have tons of horse training footage to be reviewed and to be marked where something interesting is happening. My idea was to outsource this work by exporting the footage with time code and ask somebody who has no Edius to make a marker list in excel or open office. To have the marker list format right, I exported an original marker list from edius and opened it in OpenOffice but after I added some datas and safed it again as CSV file, I tried to import it it to Edius but it didn't work. Has somebody an advice how I could accomplish that I get a marker list I can use in Edius but is not made in Edius?
Thanks a lot
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Edius can sadly deal with GrassValleys propritairy chapter formats only. I also miss support for basic timecode lists on import and export. It would be the most expected way by third party tools to exchange timecodes.

Go to und look in tools section to find 'chapter editor'. It converts between many different chapter and marker lists very easily. It also supports Edius CSV and Basic chapter/timecode lists.



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