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Default Canopus ADVC300 not recognized on any software platform - frustrated.

I'm using a PC with Vista Ultimate 64 bit.

I've just hooked up the ADVC300 and it is simply not being recognized by any software package - Roxio Creator Pro, WinDV, Virtualdub, etc. I've been struggling for well over an hour doing everything possible to figure out why. This website here has absolutely no mentioning of compatible software and the manual mentions nothing at all, either.

The device was successfully installed (as did the Picture Controller software) but it is not coming up on any device drop-down list on these software packages.

I'm a little ticked that a product this costly came with no included capture software, nor any mentioning that it requires separate software (or at least a list of recommendations).

If anyone could help out who also has Vista Ultimate 64, it would be greatly appreciated. I'm covering all my bases by posting here, on Videohelp Forum and by emailing Grass Valley support. Thanks
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There is an existing thread here that sees the ADVC-300 working on Vista x64 without problems:

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