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Default ADVC 110 or ADVC 300?

Just about to receive my new computer. Dual quad running on Windows Ultimate 7 with Edius 5. I don't have my Panasonic P2 cameras yet, I still have some SD editing to do. I have a Sony DVCAM deck and before my new computer I was using Storm with firewire input. I don't have any cards except Spark and FireCoder Blu in the new computer but want to import from my Sony DVCAM deck. Which unit is best for me to use to get my DVCAM footage in through fireWire? Cost isn't an issue. Thanks.
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These ADVCs will not add a FireWire connection to a computer that doesn't have one--they are analog to DV converters that require you to already have a FireWire port on your computer for connectivity. Plus, it is not recommended to use an ADVC for FireWire DV pass-through to your editing application.

Just get a $20 OHCI FireWire PCI card to add to your computer and you'll be set.
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