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The reason I did not tackle this with mapping is that the export to precis in their flow expects 2 channels L R which are then center panned.

You can do it with the sequence map but this means that the export to the precis would be center panned thus break the work flow. (also for archiving it is a hassle)

There is a way to do this:
1 Always have 2 sequence tab
sequence tab a (editing)
Is for editing and monitoring in which the sequence map would center both channels out. (to hear the mix as precis would play it out)
sequence tab b (export)
This is where you would paste the edit piece in with the sequence map setup the way Precis expects it.

Note: A variation of this method is also used in EDIUS 5 when Multi-channel out needs to be monitored but exported to discreet channels.

This is because most hardware can only output 2 channels for monitoring.
So it is a solid flow.

But the external mixer monitoring in this case is faster when editing news.
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OK, glad to hear you were not doing stereo tracks. I was wondering where I went wrong in the training ;-)

First I have to say that the editor should be monitoring the meter levels on both channels. Second, the hardware solution that Steve offered withthe mixer is really the only way you would want to do it. I don't think you guys want to get into an edit sequence and an export sequence.
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