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Default Audio out of sync

I am editing a project that was shot with Sony EX3 XDcam, and all clips were imported by edius use the XDcam clip browser. The first part of the interview the audio in in sync but as it goes along it goes out of sync and is a bit of a delay and then later on it comes back in sync. So that means I can't move the audio track.
Other interviews shot the same day are in sync.
Is this a camera issue or Edius issue? This is a real drag because I can not rehoot it. The sync tab is selected
Is there anything I can do?

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I've faced this sort of thing once with a project in Premiere 6.5 years ago. Matching audio from a cassette recorder to video. I used unlinked the audio and video, cut the audio at a quiet point when the out of sync became unacceptable, shifted the audio on the timeline as needed to to bring it back in acceptable sync and repeated until done. I used an audio cross fade at the cut points.

Not a lot of fun, especially for a longish program, but the results were acceptable for my application.

I've also used some selective time warping to match music and video from different performances of the same work.

Caution: I trust you are sure the audio is really out of sync and not just an artifact of latiency differences variations in your system.
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This sounds like a dropped frame issue. Have you tried re-recording the segment?
I hate it when that happens. About the only thing you can do is find the spots, unlink the video and audio then add or delete extra frames as needed.

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Geoff McKay
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My penny's worth: I doubt that it will be dropped frames as the EX3 is solid state. Also, you say it comes back into sync, which wouldn't happen with one or more dropped frames. The fact that it comes back into sync would suggest there is a latency issue on play-back. Perhaps it is worth rendering out the audio as say PCM wav and importing back into the project, or even rendering out the whole clip(s) as HQ. I have an EX1 and have never had any issued with audio sync.
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