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Old 06-17-2007, 06:44 AM   #1
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Default HELP All of the sudden bad quality

For years I have been using pro coder express to encode edius pro 4 timeline projects to MPEG 2 program files, with good results. Just recently I am getting very poor quaity especially on horizantel camera moves. zooms seem to be fine. it's just panning side to side that looks blury in the mpeg file procoder makes. My avi files play perfectly in the edius timeline.. My pro coder settings are ,mpeg program stream-90 minute file-best quality-constant bit rate. what could have changed ? I am burning the final DVD in DVD workshop 2 using the same settings which I have used for years, with no problems. but now the DVD look very compressed.
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Mr Bill
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Sounds like 'DVD Workshop 2' is encoding the footage again.
It's been years since I've used 'DVD Workshop'
but l remember a setting that told the app not to encode the files.

Maybe check to see if DVD Workshop's settings have been changed . . .

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Default Thanks settings

I went through ALL the settings. DVD Workshop claims if the setting for your DVD is higher than the MPEG 2 file you are importing, it will not re-encode the file. But it seems to be doing a re-encode anyway.. I read somplace that a similar problem happened to another person who had made a PAL DVD. He also had the re-encoding issue after that one PAL recording. The thing is, that I have carefully put all the settings back to NTSC. I have also unselected the file to "follow the template" for a pre determined time. If I make a DVD with other softwear (Using the exact same MPEG 2 file) the DVD looks fine. It's definately a DVD Workshop thing.
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