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Default Edius 9.5 Multicam issue

Multicam worked with VA tracks before but now doesn't seem to do so. I prefer working with VA tracks and not V and A tracks separately.

In Previous versions
1. I would hit F8 go into multicam mode. (Sync point is set to timecode)
2. Drag clips from bin for each cam (1,2,3) onto timeline turn by turn. 1VA, 2VA 3VA tracks
3. The clips get placed with the gaps
4. As the timecodes are slightly out I then select all clips per each track and nudge up and down to fine tune the sync.

Now in 9.5
1. They have removed the feature to drag clips from the bin to the timeline in timecode gaps (while in F8 multicam mode). They all come together.
2. The Multicam option creates separate V and A tracks. I have 4 channel audio recorded on my Sony PMW cameras but I only use Channels 1 and 2 on the timeline, so would only like a VA track with channel 1,2 under the video clip. If I create a sequence with VA tracks, the add to 'Active sequence' is greyed out and it forces a new sequence with V and A tracks.

Is there any way to bring clips directly onto timeline like before?
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