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simon thurman
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Default For anyone wanting convert MP4 h.264 59.94FPS 720 x 1280p to SD 25p PAL DVD

Hi there,

This thread may contain information which you may feel is incorrect but basically I've been trying for weeks now to figure this out and FINALLY (thank the lord!) I have found it!!!! ha ha ha ha ha...sorry ;-I

This conversion only works for the files listed in the title.

1) Convert you MP4 file using ProCoder 3 Wizard, to AVI 25 FPS 1280 x 720, non interlaced, preset 16:9, square pixels. Convert

2) Resize you AVI in VirtualDub to 720 x 400, save as AVI - file size is huge so make sure you have plenty of space (I did a test on 15 secs of footage and it was 600mb)

3) You will need NERO 8 and Nero Vision essentials. In Vision essentials Go to Create a DVD, add you video files.

4) Go into More options/Video Options Change quality settings to Highest, Encoding mode to High quality (2-pass VBR), Aspect Ratio Automatic.

5) Build your menus if ya want or just press burn. (You can still make your menus, buttons etc in After effects and photoshop and use with the nero's interface)

Thats it!!!

The quality is absolutely awesome compared with every method I've tried in Prem, Encore, ProCoder etc..

No jaggy Artifacts, colour is pretty much the same as my original footage, frame rate is great, what more can I say. I don't know if you could change this to work with interlaced footage?

I just wanted to share this with anyone who has the same setup as me, cos If your a newbie to this kind of work (like me) It can send you round the blummin bend I tell thee!!!

best regards.


PS If you need anymore techinal info let me know I have it all written down.
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