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Default Distinctions ACEDVio and ADVC 110?

ADVC 110 gives digital output only with a compression (format VD).
Can ACEDVio gives digital output without a compression? What here variants?

Whether it is possible to adjust at ADVC 110 brightness/.../... on a source of a signal, how ACEDVio?

What device is better on a sound?
What device more universal at a possible choice software for the further processing?

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You can think of the ACEDVio as an OHCI-compliant Firewire board with an ADVC110 permanently attached (though it does auto-disconnect the converter when you plug a 4-pin FireWire device into the card).

They both convert to/from DV or DVCAM format.

You can adjust the input image brightness on the ACEDVio.

If you plan to do image processing after capture, you should get a board that can capture to an uncompressed or lossless compressed file, like the EDIUS NX.
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