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Fred Dwyer
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Default Some Rather Basic HD Questions

I've tried "search" and came up with so much material my head is swimming. If someone can just give me a little bit of guidance it would be greatly appreciated.

Every year I shoot 4 first communion sessions in a poorly lit church. I use 3 cameras a Canon GL-1, a Canon Optura Xi (gee how unprofessional can you get?) and a Panasonic PV-GS150 (guess that answers the previous questioon).

The GL-1 does a decent job. The Optura struggles with the low light and its footage requires a great deal of tweaking to make it usable. The Panasonic isn't as much of a problem since it is in a fixed position and its footage is used sparingly anyway.

Now I'm looking to replace the Optura and am thinking of the Canon HV20.

My questions have to do with how I could use this camera and be able to edit in EDIUS 4.6 with the GL-1 and Panasonic tapes to produce DVD's.

My edit system is a 3 gig hperthreading P4 with only a ACEDVio card for input/output, sub optimal to try processing HD stuff.

Could I shoot in HD 24p and capture this footage to edit with the standard DV? Or shoot standard HDV 30fps, or would I have to shoot in SP? Would I capture to the Canopus High Quality Codec? Would I have some challenges with aspect ratios? I assume the HD stuff is all wide screen. How would I address this? Basic questions I know, but if someone can give me a steer it may save me a lot of grief. Maybe I shouldn't buy the HV20.

Well now this scares me a bit. Someone moved my post to the Procoder forum. I only have the ProCoder that comes with EDIUS. If the answers to my questions all require ProCoder I guess they are not the answers I was hoping for. Oh well, lay it on me, I'll be brave. :)
Fred D
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