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Default Does UHD files take more export time than FHD ???Help

Yesterday I was exporting 3 hours and 23 minutes long UHD wedding I found that it will take about 8 hours of exporting time ,
Does it differ in export time between 4K, UHD and FHD Videos ???

effects added to timeline : YUV curve & Primary color correction .

Export format is : H.264/AVC
Profile : High
Bit Rate Type: CBR
Average" 25M
Quality" High speed

help ??????????

Intel Core i7 , 5930 K
Ram :16 GB
SSD : 256 B
VGA: Gigabyte geforce 380GTX 6 g Ti
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bigger frame size = more pixels.
more pixels = more data
more data = more to process and bigger files

all of this means equates to slower exports
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I did some testing a while back to find the fastest workflow for the weddings I film, currently I always export to a hqxavi and use that to further encode to all HD and 4K x264 files, I also use the hqxavi files to create dvd's or blu-rays in tmpgenc.

To export one hour of 4K hqxavi to HD (x264) with the quality set to "normal" it takes about 15min, to export the same to 4K it takes about 30min.
To export the native 4K files with colorcorrection to a 4K hqxavi file takes about 20min for an hour of footage

So for 4K exports you can say the time needed doubles compared to HD.
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thank you all
for the help
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