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Default 5.11 Crashes

Just upgraded to 5.11. Things were a little faster and everything was working well. I added the iZotope Ozone VSTs. I've had 3 crashes tonight. I have not used VSTs in Edius since I bought the program 4 years ago. Tech support told me to fix the errors, just take the VSTs out. That fixed the problem but I've used Sony Vegas to take care of audio which is more work than handling it inside Edius. The new VSTs that come with Edius 5.0 did not make it crash. I'm guessing it's the Ozone 4 VST because that is the last thing I installed, though it may not be that. Windows reports an unknown error has occurred.

Vista Ultimate 64, Asus P5W Deluxe, Core 2 Quad, 4 Gigs, 500 gig system drive, 3 each 500 gig = 1.5 TB Raid 0 on a RocketRAID 2300, ATI Radeon 2600HD XT 512 megs.
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