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Default Advc-300

I just purchased the ADVC-300 Canopus and haven't be able to get acceptable results with it.

When transferring the analog to the Canopus 300 and then into my computer I get a horizontal bar on the bottom of the video. There is movement inside of this bar. Also black ragged fuzzy borders around the edges. I either get one or both of these conditions.

My VCR displays the video on my TV in good shape but it does not come out that way after capturing it in my computer.

I am using Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0. I also tried the Windows Movie
Maker that came with Windows XP with the same results.

Also the directions say that by holding down the input switch for about 3
seconds I should get color bars but all I get is a blue screen.

I tried moving some of the DIP switches but they would not move using
reasonable pressure. I didn't want to force them for fear of breaking them. All the switches are in the off position except number 5 in (SW1)
and it is in the on position.

I have the firewire 6 pin end plugged into the back of the unit and the 4
pin end plugged into my computer.

I don't know if I have a defected product or I need to make some adjustments.

Any help with this would be appreciated.

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