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Updated MB Bios. Fixed issue with NBFX with GPU acceleration freezing on render.

However the PCC GPU acceleration is just not working in Edius WG8 or 9 at UHD 50p, although the GTX1080TI is recognised in settings, the clips play better with PCC applied with the GPU acceleration turned off!!

Yes it pushes the GPU core up to 26% but it is hindering rather than helping playback.

The reason there was the difference between 8 and 9 was the GPU PCC acceleration was off in 8 and on in 9.

Ok so is there an Nvidia control panel setting that would sort this out?

Another couple of things noted are:

1. EWG9 Render a Sony SLOG3 and add to timeline, the render is now reported as BT709 it should maintain SLOG3. Project BT2020/HLG. That doesn't seem right. However the clip hasn't changed from original contrast/brightness so must be wrongly reported.

2. Edius is reporting Sony EI SLOG3 as being SLOG2 in PCC.


Sys 4: ASUS Z10PE-D16 WS with 2x E5-2699 CPU 72 logical cores. Edius 9WG. 64G RAM Aorus GTX1080Ti 49" LG 850 4K TV + Storm 3G Elite + Decklink 4K 12G extreme. Sys 1-3 Edius WG8 with RX-E1 + HDBX1000 MIP in HP xw8600 dual X5492 CPU 8 cores, 8Gig RAM, Quadro FX3800. All sys Fibred to central media pool - 5TB Axus Yotta RAID + QLogic Fibre Switch. Central VCR rack plus YUV & audio to viewing room with Yamaha AX1 7.1 100 watt per channel amp with 1000W subwoofer and 63 inch HD 3D Samsung TV

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