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Default $200.00 well spent

After years of struggling with Vitascene and often taking long coffee breaks for renders I finally picked up a video card it likes. Because it's on the Vitascene list I got a MSI N260GTX for under $200.00!

Now I get almost RT with HDV projects! Sparkle filters stutter, but are manageable. With Defocus and Bokeh using #136, a 5-second HDV clip renders in under 18 sec! WOW! This is a PCI-express v2.0 card, but it is backward-compatible with my v1.0 board. Best of all I moved no other cards to install. As usual, I install the video card then attempted to install my new RAM. The new video card is so big I could not open the RAM clips and had to remove the card to install the new RAM. :~/

I still seem to have some bugs to iron out...
Black or green rendered frames.
Flashing black fields (?) during preview, but renders are fine.

1st impression is very positive. Super smooth with Edius.
Anyone else using this line of cards?

Using with Gigabyte GA-965P-DQ6 (rev. 1.0) and QX6700 recently bumped to 6GB RAM... Vista x64 is next.
Rusty Rogers | Films
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Hey Rusty,

I've had similar experiences but with my FX1700 card, hugely expensive as we know.

I recently removed it and replaced with my older 8800 512 card, and suddenly I've got realtime for several effects, no more green frames or bad renders, I can play through many of the more complex effects too.

Must check out the 260gtx, but I think it needs 2 slot spaces?? not good with the Supermicro.

Its like a different system altogether, I'm going to test the 9800 1gb as well, cos its pretty cheap here, 120 euro

One thing for sure, I still get the odd complete crash with Vitascene and Edius, supposed to be fixed with the last update, but I fear there's still a bug in there somewhere.
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System 1: Edius 7.5 Asus X79 4930K 6 core @4.4GHz Water Cooled. 480GB REVO3x2 System drive, 4TB Raid 0, 4 TB E-Sata Raid 5, 32GB RAM, GTX1070Ti Decklink HD Extreme. 3X Sony AX53 Sony AX700
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