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Default Laptop advice for Neo / Edius

Hi @ll
A friendly competitor ask my help to advise him on a Laptop for same day edits, simple straight forward cuts and simple intro with a few effects.
Starting of with Edius Neo2 on the Lap Top, later with Edius on a work station.
It's suppose to only handle SD formats, ingestion would be through external USB HDD, of course it would be nice to look ahead at AVCHD in the future, but not a must to avoid overshooting the budget.

His budget is not very high and he suggested the Dell Studio XPS 1645, with Core i7, 4GB ram, 1GB GPU & 500GB HDD.
Would the low clock of this i7 CPU (I believe 1.6 Ghz pose a problem ?)

As most know here on the forum, I really don't like anything portable and small :), so if the knowledgeable Lap Top users could chime in would be greatly appreciated.

Do keep in mind that in this part of the world it's not easy to find anything beyond the ordinary so an standard Brand Name Lap Top would be a must.

To Recap shortly, it has to do simple light editing, preferable fast Mpeg2 SD DVD rendering & burning. (Budget 1.2~1.5K USD) TIA.
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While I do sell ultra high performance laptops. Both Pat Sipes and Michael Downey use my portables. These are customized systems based on true workstation CPU's and thus cost as much or more than my workstations. Even the thermal compound I use in these is expensive and critical.

For off the shelf laptops that are reliable and offer some decent performance and features for the on location and same day editor. The Toshiba Quosmio line of laptops are really nice. They have various models ranging from i5 based to i7 based models. On the higher end $1800 to $2000 range they can even have two hard drives. One 64GB SSD for OS & Apps and a 500GB 7200rpm drive for media. 18.4" 1920x1080 LED Back Lit LCD is quite nice to have as well.

Check out this model Qosmio X505-Q880 Q1-2

Toshiba has been my off the shelf favorite for years. I place Dell, HP at the bottom of my list with some Acer models in the middle.

BTW, the 1.6GHz i7 mobile CPU does reach 2.8GHz when turbo boost kicks in under load. It works with SpeedStep to throttle the CPU for energy savings when idle or under light load and all out for performance when needed.
George Dame
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Hi George,

Thank for the reply, I'm sure the video grapher would like to own one of your highend custum builds, heck I even would break my "hate" routine for portables to own one :)

With jobs here varying from 200~300 USD for weddings the investment will never see it's return I'm afraid.

Toshiba is hard to get here, especially the high-end models, asia is dominated by Acer then Dell.

I have seen uncountable numbers of Acer at the repair centers here and Dell does have a good repair turn overtime where I live, it almost looks like they serve us here B grade components.

I am not that familiar yet with i7's capability and therefore completely missed out the turbo mode, therefore I think the proposed Dell running at 1.6 Ghz should suffice for SD work.

As expected, the life cycle of any Laptop is pretty short I think I should advise them to use the lower end first, and prepare for a much higher budget when they are ready for AVCHD, which also involves purchasing new camera's etc.

Thanks again for the reply George.
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