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Ron Evans
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Originally Posted by shueardm View Post
I think i know where you are coming from Ron. The total time is what's important and if your source is already AVCHD and want to edit it, by using Vegas you don't have to convert it to start with? That may be true and your total time to export (in your case) to Mpeg 2 might be quicker- that might be a close call.
No, there is no conversion for Vegas just drag the clips over to timeline. As I said it doesn't play full resolution but I have it set to 750x540 which is fine on the 19" LCD that I use and still fills most of the screen. In the case of this family stuff I think the comparison on time might be quite a difference as the HQ conversion time alone for the source 5 hour and 40 mins may be over 6 hours on my PC. I split the 3 hour and 14 min final edit into two DVD that exported at realtime and a Bluray version at 18M to fit on the disc that I think took just over 4 hours. So I almost did all the exports in the time it would have taken to convert to HQ.
With normal projects that are two FX1 HDV cams and an SR11 AVCHD it is quicker to use Edius and convert AVCHD to HQ. An integrated Firecoder Blu would then be a lot quicker unless all the inputs were AVCHD. I think this is something that Edius will have to take care of with new camcorders like the Panasonic HMC150 appearing and the competing NLE's potentially offering better AVCHD support.
At the moment family stuff from three AVCHD camcorders will be quicker in Vegas. With this project I really valued the fact that clips were essentially named by time and date and all cameras were Sony's. Made lining up clips on the timeline a lot easier!!!! A nice feature of AVCHD file structure.
Annual task to keep my wife and daughters happy!!!

Ron Evans
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