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Default Export settings Turbo iDDR

Hi all,

Some time back I asked how to export from Edius 4.5 to the Turbo iDDR.
The answer was simple - By using the "Procoder Express for Edius" and by checking "Use strict GOP bitrate control" in the MPEG2 export settings it worked like a charm.

But what now with the "Procoder Express for Edius" gone in Edius 5?
The MPEG (Generic) exporter doesn't have "Use strict GOP bitrate control".

I do not have the full version of Procoder which otherwise would have solved the problem.

Please adwise.
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Taken from a response from Turbo product people:
  1. We encourage people to have the latest TURBO SW (Ver - Downloadable at
  2. Review TURBO Importing/Exporting App Note (Attached) Also available on TURBO Web site under library Link
  3. The following file type parameters are best for TURBO HD type Files. These setting parameters for HD clips can be found in most export functions of Non Linear Editors: These are all standard type parameters for MPEG-2. If you are working with SD (Standard Definition) imports, there more information in the App Note outlining TURBOs compatibility.

    Compression: MPEG-2
    Chroma Sample: 4:2:0
    Frame rate: 29.97, Field rate 59.94
    Resolution: 1920 X 1080i
    GoP Structure: Closed GoP, Long GoP 9 or 12 (GoP = Group of Pictures MPEG compression scheme)
    Field dominance: Upper Field First
    Bit Rate: 25 Mb/s (Mega bits per second)
    Bit type: CBR, Constant bit rate
    Use Strict GoP (ProCoder)

    * Also special note working with ProCoder and HD Clips After the file is transcoded to a local Drive, the file extension will be .m2t for HDV This needs to be changed to .mpg so the TURBO can recognize it for Import. Just use File explorer to change this extension. This little work around is being addressed in a future TURBO SW release.

    48Khz Sample
    16 bit
I should add that you may need to "Enable Conversion" with the exporter before you can set the above parameters.
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