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Raśl P.
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Default Problem screen resolution Edius 8.53

Hello, I use Edius v8.53 and I have a problem changing the monitor and screen resolution.
I bought a Benq 32" 4k monitor and with my nvidia gtx960 it looks pretty good in windows 10 pro at 3840x2160. The problem is that Edius in this resolution looks quite small things (in all applications the same thing happens and choose to increase the size of windows and fonts by configuring Windows. The recommended configuration is 150% in size, and this looks great, even I had it at 140% because it already seemed like a lot. with the VST plugins inside Edius. I have observed that keeping this configuration in a range of 100% to 124%, the plugins are shown correctly, but when it is over >125 it is partially shown or disappear from the window. There are also other plugins that are not affected by this size configuration when displayed in Edius, that is, the letters and sliders are smaller than the rest.I do not know if it's my problem, from windows or from Edius, but I do not know what to do anymore.
In the end I opted to force an intermediate configuration to 3200x1800 but it does not look as sharp as it is not native to the monitor. In this case I have the size configuration at 120% and everything is shown correctly.
In this email attachment screenshots of everything. Thank you.
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