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Default GV Broser refresh/update problem

I have a problem with gv browser.

We recently update to edius 8 and we started to use gv browser.
My config: win 7 64 , edius 8 , xeon, 16 gb ram- external nas drive mapped with same letter

Everything was quite smooth after reading and watching some of the tutorial suggested in this forum.

We have a 50k files in a NAS disks divided in folder and sub folder.
I prefer to leave the files in the actual location and so i decided to create a catalog and not to import in the library ( copy in the gv browser video folder) to avoid duplication.

to start catalog operations we use the " create a catalog including sub folder" clicking with right mouse button on the folder we want to catalog in the disks-folder section of gv browser. The catalog is created and clips added to the library. Everything is OK.

in the disk-folder section of gv browser selecting the folder just imported the files were marked as "registered" with red dot e no flag in the gray dot.
in the library-catalog section the clips were marked as "catalogued" with green dot.
looks good to me.

Shut down the pc. restart gv browser

when i go in the disk-folder section and click in to the same folder imported just before in the library as a catalog no files were marked as" registered": no red dot and the flag is present for all the files.
all the files seem to be missing from the library and from the catalog when actually they are present. Strange...

now i go in the library-catalog section click once on one of the files and magically also in the disc-folder section that file is now marked as "registered" with red dot and no flag. Super strange...

i need to "import" ( copy in the gv browser video folder) the clips or the "registered" / "Not Registered" flags and red dots works also for the "catalog" operation ?

This can be a serious problem when you update a folder with new files and new footage because you don't actually have a way to know which files are already in the catalog.
You have to check manually each time, drag and drop sub folder and so on.

may be a bug ? or just me and my config ?

i really like gv browser and think is a really good simple way to browser my media and this problem is really frustrating.

edius 8 works great with no problem so far.

Thank you
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