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Default Integrating a GrassValley K2Summit as ingest device for Avid Mediacomposer

Hello everybody,

at work I try to integrate a GrassValley K2Summit Video server into our existing Interplay sytem.It works perfectly for the "send to playback" workflow from the Avid Mediacomposer to the K2 Summit but I canīt get the ingest process (K2Summit to the Avid MC) running. I have installed all the programs from GrassVallley for this workflow (K2AvidIngest on the PC with the Avid Media Composer, K2Tserver on the K2 Summit device, K2AvidDHM on the Server running the Interplay transfer engine) and I wrote the hosts files so that every device finds each other.

At the moment Iīm at this point: when using the Avid K2 Explorer (running on the editing machine) which lists the content of the K2, I can drag-n-drop a file into my AvidMC bin, the composer asks me to start the transfer now or later, I click "now" and then the transfer via transfer engine should start. It also creates the masterclip in the bin but when I say "transfer now" there is the error on the Avid MC “Unable to transfer from the ingest device. The server doesnīt have information for the specified device". The masterclip remains offline. Furthermore, when I try to ingest, nothing happens in the transfer engine status window. But compared to that, when I start a "send to playback", I get immediate response in the status window as the transfer starts.

I think that I get anything wrong with configuring the K2 as ingest device in my transfer engine / configuration but the K2 manual just says for the DHM-Mode that I have to list the K2 Host name in the "ingest" section of the transfer engine configuration tool. (Btw. for the send to playback, it was just as easy as that). There is the other, generic FTP mode but I donīt want to use this.
Can anyone please give me an hint how to properly configure a ingest device in the interplay transfer engine? Has anyone ever built that configuration with a K2Summit and a Interplay environment for himself and can me give a clue?

Here some specs: we have a unity media engine, a dedicated server with the interplay engine, one with the transfer engine and one workstation with the media composer, all networked together. Looking at the readme-Files, the versions of the softwares (Interplay, AvidMC, K2 etc.) should work together.

Thanks to everybody who can help me with that,

best regards,

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Default Our Avid Guru has these ideas:

The error indicates the name used in the transfer engine configuration tool (under the ingest) section do not match the K2/Summit name used by "Avid K2 Explorer".

When you use "Avid K2 Explorer" to drag and drop a clip onto the MC bin it embeds the K2/Summit host name in the proxyclip/masterclip, and when the operator initiates the transfer, the hostname is then extracted from the proxy and is compared with the list of Ingest Device names configured in the transfer engine configuration tool. Transfer will only proceed if there is a match.

Need to check the following:
#1, Hostname of K2/Summit.
#2, Hostname used by Avid K2 Explorer.
#3, Hostname configured in the transfer engine configuration tool.
#4, Ipaddress & Hostname in the C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts

All the above must use the same hostname. Additionally there should be an alias in the hosts file for the device like: Hostname Hostname_he0_0
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Dear Grassvalley_OB,

thank you very much for your reply!

I will check your points as soon as Iīm back at work. But as far as I remeber, I always used the copy/paste method to insert the hostname of the K2 summit, as it is the default long combination of numbers and letters by default, which is also the serial number of the device. And again, the "send to playback" function works perfectly, where I used the same string to declare the K2 as playback device.

But you mention the point with the hostname in the K2 explorer. I think I used the IP Adress numbers to make the connection to the K2. I will try to establish the connection via the hostname, maybe this is the source of the problem.

And just a little story of another problem I had to solve until now: before I got the mentioned error "Unable to transfer from the ingest device..." I had to solve another riddle, an error on the editing station which told me about a problem with a ingest.dll, followed by the IP adress of the K2. After studying the log files of the K2, I found out that the K2 Explorer tried to log-on on the K2 with a combination of User: K2admin and PW: K2admin, but the pre-installed Accounts on the K2 consisted of the User: K2admin and the password adminK2. After I had changed the Password on the K2summit to K2admin, I could proceed to the point where I hang now. I just found it strange that such a error could happen because there is the K2 avid explorer software on the one side with a included combination of user and pw and then gvg used another user+pw combination on the K2summit machine that doesnīt match (and as far as I know, nobody ever changed passwords on the K2summit before in our facility). Is it possible, that there is a version conflict between the Avid ingest plugin-package (version.99) and the software on the K2summit, which causes the errors? Or should it function also with newer versions of the software on the K2summit, I mean with newer versions of appcenter etc.?

Best Regards,
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Yes, the K2summit hostname instead of the ip-adress in the "K2 Avid Explorer" did the trick!!!

Shame on me, as I just didnīt think of that myself. I was like: "oh yeah, he finds the K2 summit, everything is fine, the problem has to be somewhere in the transfer manager...."
Now I can ingest and playback from and to the K2summit. Thank you very much, Grassvalley_OB!!!
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