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Default DVRex Pro sound output failure

I'm having a major problem with an old edit suite, fitted with a DVRex Pro and Edius 3. I'm aware these are old products and well past official support but thought someone here might have some experience.

Essentially, the sound output from the breakout box has failed, plus the sound level indicator LEDs show nothing when capturing. Everything else works perfectly; sound will capture fine, any video, after exporting to a file, will contain audio, and all LEDs aside from the audio level light up correctly, but when previewing from the timeline nothing comes out.

I personally suspect physical hardware failure, but thought it was worth checking to see if there is a known issue with drivers or configuration which could be easily remedied.

OS is XP

I'm fully aware that an upgrade is inevitable soon, but at the moment it is only being used for the occasional internal demo so the cost can't be justified.

Many thanks,

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With the power off, try pulling out the DvREx card, inspect it, and push it back in again firmly.
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Go to Devices. Look at Sound, Video, Game controllers . Make sure both Rex drivers are there.

Try re-installing the Rex drivers. And as said, re-seat your card and cables to the box.

A great setup. I still use my Rex for capturing old 1 inch reels, and D2 tapes. Cleaner signal than my NX.

Also, check your hardware settings in Edius to make sure you didn't change the audio inputs,etc. for Rex.

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I can't remember if the DVRex RT Pro had a "sandwich" board or not, but if it down, check that it is making good contact - sometimes they get loose.
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