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Default Import Project > FCP XML... "Project Import went wrong."

Hi All

I'm getting a "Project Import went wrong." message when importing a third party FCP XML formatted project (sequence) file into Edius 6.51. The same file imports directly into FCP without issue and similarly imports directly into Adobe Premiere CS6 ... is there any import error log being written anywhere which might help me track down specific file formatting incompatibility that may be tripping up Edius?

For the time being I can circumvent the issue by using FCP to clean the XML before bouncing it to Edius ie import to FCP, re-export XML, then open in Edius. I've looked at the before and after XML files themselves when doing this and both validate without error against the FCP XML schema, but Edius clearly only likes the specific structure coming directly from FCP.

I'm looking at writing a small helper app to restructure these XML files so that they will (hopefully) work correctly when importing into Edius but this is where I could do with being able to see an error log so I can see what is/isn't working.

Thanks in advance for any pointers
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