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Default ADVC-55 and Sony EVI D100 problem

I am using the ADVC-55 with a Sony EVI D-100 CCD Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera.
Computer is Dell Studio XPS 1640, Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit.
The ADVC is connected to a 4 pin firewire so I am using the optional power supply from Grass Valley.

I cannot get the computer to recognize the camera. When I go to My Computer I only see Local Disk C: and DVD drive, no other devices. However, in the device manager I can find Av/c Tape recorder/player (is this how it would be correctly identified?). In some software I can select AV/C as the source but no video is displayed.

I tested the Sony EVI cam by plugging it directly into a TV and it worked fine using the same cable that I use to connect to the ADVC-55. I have checked all the connections several times. I have checked the DIP switches as well.

Please advise. Any suggestions? Thank you.
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As I understand it, the ADVC shoudl appear very much like a firewire conencted VCR or camcorder to the system, and you will need approriate video capture software as well tht can capture the DV stream from the IEEE1394 port.

Also, you may need to install the legacy IEEE 1394 driver rather than the new 64-bit driver fouind by default with Win 7, at least that is often the case with the Edius programs.
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Since you are using Windows 7, yes, as Don said, you will need to roll back the FireWire drivers to the legacy version to get the ADVC to work properly, which sounds like the root of your problem. You can use the search feature on this forum for "legacy firewire drivers" and you should get a few hits that will show you how to do this. It's easy and fast.
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Thanks to both of you. I will give it a try.
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