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Default New Intel Processors - i7, i5, i3

Can anyone tell me about the new Intel processors and Edius 5? Specifically, I want to know about the pros and cons of the i7 (LGA1366) processors and the i7, i5 & i3 (LGA1156) processors. Will they all work?

I am looking seriously at the ASUS P7P55D-E, P7P55D-E PRO, and P7P55D DELUXE motherboards. They are all LGA 1156 socket motherboards which means you can use an i7, i5 or i3 LGA 1156 processor.

The other option is the i7 LGA1366 processors and motherboards but this gets real expensive and I don't feel comfortable spending this kind of money right now.

Another option that I am also looking at is the ASUS P5Q DELUXE motherboard and the LGA 775 processor -- like the E8500 Wolfdale. This is
a little older technology but not on the bleeding edge like the newer i7, i5
and i3 processors/motherboards.
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David Clarke
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I have used a variety of both types of i7 and I5 and i3, normally using an Asus board - the P6TSE for the 9 series i7s. Had no problems. Comparing a 920 (2.66Ghz) i7 to a 860 (2.8Ghz) i7 they both seemed to be about the same with EDIUS and about the same price.
The biggest deciding factor for us has been that you can stick more RAM in a 920 computer than an 860 computer. *60s have got 4 RAM slots - so 4 x 2GB is the most we can put in it. You could put in 4GB chips instead but actaully they are vary hard to find right now and very expensive.
In the 920 you have six ram sockets and can therefore stick in 6x2Gb easily. Given the two types of components are nearly the same price we choose 920s.

The advantage of an 860 type computer is that you could start with a cheaper i3 and then later upgrade the processor.

For i3s we have used the P755D mobo which works. With some of the otehrs we have problems talking ti firewire based cameras because of the chipset on the firewire port.

I would definately buy an i3/i5/i7 over a quad core. Better faster ram and a more up to date machine.

In some tests I did I though a 2.93Ghz i3 (which is a dual core) was about the same speed in processing as a 2.4Ghz 6600 quad core.

Some results:

10 mins HDV encoding to H264 off the EDIUS timeline:

920 i7 - 16 mins 13 sec
860 i7 - 15 mins 38 sec
2.93Ghz i3 - 25 mins 31 sec.

Hope this helps.
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I went with the i7 920 because the amount of RAM slots on the 1366 motherboards.

Having 12GB in a 64bit environment is like the workstation I have always wanted. This applies more to After Effects, but your entire system will benefit from the headroom if you have a few hungry programs open at once.
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