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Default Questions regarding Edius NX + 5D Mark II + Win7 64-bit

Hi all. I'm new to this forum so please bear with me. I'm an aspiring film maker who's been using a bit of everything now ready to get more serious, however I don't want to go out and get the most expensive toy I would like to understand what's in the package first and try to maintain within budget


My PC after Upgrade:
CPU: Core i7 920 2.66/8MB/FSB 4.8/1366
Motherboard: Asus P6T
OS: 64-bit Windows
RAM: G.SKILL DDR3 TRI-CHANNEL 6TD/2000 CL 9-9-9-24 * 2 (12GB RAM)
GFX Card: GTX285

The Edius Card I am planning to purchase:
PCI-X main board (NHX-E1): 1 PCI (64-bit / 66 MHz PCI ver 2.1). May use two 32-bit / 33 MHz
PCI HD component output board (HX-HD1): 1 PCI (32-bit / 33 MHz PCI ver 2.1)
Are these hardware components compatible with Edius NX?

Will my PC be able to handle 5D MKII format smoothly (Realtime)? MK II uses 1080 30p in raw as I understand and based on reading it is suggested that it should be converted to Canopus HQ right? I'm still quite fresh at this exploring the DSLR filmmaking world and Edius', but both seem to be very interesting niche's with great capability.

Another question which I'm not sure has been resolved (though it has been asked before but those posts date back up to a year ago..)
Can Edius 5 NX work with Windows 7 64 bit? I was told it works with 32 bit but it seems limiting as I have 8gb of RAM (update: will upgrade to 12GB RAM)... Vista is sloppy OS in my opinion but if no other choice I guess I can install it also... Thanks again for taking time aside to read this.. I am planning to purchase the editing card upcoming Tuesday.

P.S. What is the performance difference between Edius NX card with PCIe and PCI-X ?

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