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Default Updated Edius 3.0 - 4.5


I am about to upgrade from edius 3.0 to 4.5. I have some questions:

1. It asks me to uninsall older version of edius and a box pops up with all my components of canopus *hx-e1 *edius * canopus codec option * MPEGcapture * DISCapture * titlemotion pro * canopus procoder express * canopus plugins for adobe. Should i only leave edius checked or should i uninstall all of them?

2. Will the new version recognize old files and convert them?

3. I am installing the trial version. If it don't work can i reinstall version 3.0?
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It's better to let it uninstall everything and let the v4.x installer install the new components.

v4.x will open v3.x project files. However, once you save the project file in v4.x, there's no guarantee that you'll be able to read projects saved in v4.x back in v3.x.

Yes, you can go back and reinstall v3, but remember that any projects saved in v4.x may not open correctly in v3.x
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To be really smart, ghost your E3 drive and then install e4.60 on the Ghost. Save your E3 Progs as E4's keeping the E3 version to be safe. I would say that there is an awful lot of crap that the uninstaller does not install.

KH posted a txt file and a zip of a Dos file that you can use to root out lots of this rubbish but my experience is that there is still loads more rubbish. So why not just do a clean install?
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