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Default Black | White levels for RGB 0-255 Source

Hi All,

Apologies if this has been covered before. I'm trying to preserve Black and White levels of a calibration sequence from a client with no success. This sequence uses 0-255 RGB values.

Source is a 720p59 QT file - Animation Codec
Target is 720p59 MPEG-2

The source has varying levels of black where R=G=B at 0, 4, 8, etc.
Encoding with no filter results in crushed blacks.
Using the Black / White Correction Filter I get what appear to be proper black levels in the preview window. However the resulting encode does not seem to reflect what I see in the preview window; blacks are still crushed.

I assume this is operator error on my part; any help or tips would be greatly appreciated. I'll check that this machine is running QT 7.4.1 and report if that fixes the issue.

Thanks in advance.


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