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Jordan Berry
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Default AVCHD & Edius Encoding Times


I'm purchasing a HMC-150 tomorrow.

I've considered purchasing Edius to do my AVCHD editing.

( I will install the demo once I get my HMC-150)

I have a few friends that use Edius and convert the AVCHD footage to the Canopus HQ before editing. They claim that Edius is capable of ecoding in real time. And that with a quad core computer they can encode 4x files in real time (at the same time).

I realize there are a LOT of variables in this situation. The size & bandwidth of the source AVCHD. The output settings Edius is using. The computer doing the work.

My question is simple. If one were to build a computer that had 2x quad core CPUs would it be possible to encode 8x files at a time in real time. If so what would be some of the potential bottle necks?

I realize that this all seems a bit silly... but in my case time is everything.
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Just because it would take too long I would point you to doing a search about AVCHD conversion times on the forum. It has been discussed at length and is on going. Briefly however the real time solution is incorrect with Grass Valley components.
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Ron Evans
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I have Sony SR11 so comments are for Sony AVCHD files but they should be about the same. Time to transfer from SR11 to PC is about 20% realtime, converting to HQ is just under realtime so the total is about 1.2 times realtime. Using Cineform is twice as fast as HQ so total time is about 40% realtime. The Panasonic is flash so transfer should be quicker but conversion may be just a little slower if the highest data rate is used. You should be able to accomplish the Panasonic transfer to HQ in about realtime I would think.
My system is Q9450 quad core, 8G RAM, Vista 64.

Ron Evans
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