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Default Multicam Stutter at Cuts


I have been seeing this behavior for a while but it really bugs me when I am in the middle of a project. I have a 3 camera shoot in 1080p60 using the Panasonic AVC-Ultra Long GOP codec. This codec is not the easiest on systems but my system is not that old.

I am editing in 1/2 resolution with filters off in multicam. The buffer is reading 9/10 but when I get to a cut that was made the video will stutter just a little bit and keep going. The problem is this often knocks the audio/video sync out so it is tough to trust future cuts if you just let it play. So I am starting and stopping, replaying areas over and over.

I have always had issues with this codec. Things have improved a lot but this little multicam behavior makes it very difficult to edit. It would seem to me if I have a solid buffer reading things should play well even through the cuts.

After trying all kinds of setting changes and nothing making any difference I don't know what else to do to fix this. Do I really need a bleeding edge system just for a 3 camera 1080p60 edit?

Asus Prime X299-A - Intel i9 7900x all cores @4.3GHz 2 cores @4.5GHz - 32GB RAM - NVidia GTX1070 - Edius 9 WG - BM Intensity 4k - Boris RED - Vitascene 2 - Windows 10
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