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Do you use under and over crank feature in your video? HPX172 (and HVX202) class of cameras using P2 cards can do extremely good slowmo and fastmo using that technique - VERY MUCH better than EDIUS / AE / Premiere Pro can ever do.

That will be one advantage of the P2 card over SDHC - which is not fast enough to cope with data rates of over cranking.

Of course, the cost of P2 cards are skyhigh - no choice. But, it is "mil-spec" - no joke. I have been using my 16GB P2 cards in places as extreme as 4,000m in the Nepal Himalaya (-25 deg C) to Western Australia (55 deg C) - no problems.

If you don't shoot features - meaning 12 hour weddings, or stuff like that, P2 cards are okay. And the camera supports continuous recording with 2 P2 cards in place. Something you can't do with SDHC based cameras today.
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